All Matters of the Heart - Singles and Married Seminar

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Saturday the 5th of May was a day of new beginnings for a lot of people. It was the day people received great revelation on matters of the heart by Prophet and Prophetess John and Josephine Enumah at the Singles and Married Seminar. The turn out was good, so was the food, but most importantly, the revelatory teaching grounded on The Word of God that most of us have never heard being taught anywhere else, set the attendees up for a new way of looking at relationships and marriage. 

Issues such as: foundation for relationships; pre-nuptial agreements; the explanation of who the man and the woman really are - (man as the seed carrier, woman as the soil and God as the Farmer and Cultivator); roles of the husband and wife; deliverance before marriage - (individually and as a couple); the effect of past relationships; the true meaning of marriage; preventing and the effects of divorce; were just some of the topics that Prophet broke down into bite-size chunks and explained with such great clarity.  The question and answer session also helped to address people's personal niggling questions bringing even further clarity.  The feedback after the event has been outstanding with more rolling in with statements such as: "I was so blessed you have a great genuine leader" "It was awesome! We need a two-day event. Thank you and God bless you Prophet and Mama" "I feel so good that I came, I know something has shifted in the spiritual realm and natural in the Name of Jesus Christ Amen" "It's very rare to have such reality kinda teaching" Being a few of such feedback.  During the break, I told Prophetess that If I knew what I learnt on the day 25 years ago, I would have done a lot of things differently. So now is the time to turn things around in your relationships. Now is the time to make right decisions grounded on Gods word. Now is the time to understand your role as a man or a woman.  Now is the time to consider before you take the plunge. Now is the time to get delivered. Now is the time to start the first day of the rest of your married life. Now is the time to learn from teachings from Gods heart and not from experience. Now is the time to prevent the 'had I known' statement. Now better than later.  If you missed this event, you can still benefit from the teachings of the day by listening to the live recording. To order your copy, contact the media department at before they run out.   Listen, be blessed and start your own new beginning because as Prophet said: "YOU CAN'T LAY THE FOUNDATION STONES OF MARRIAGE WITHOUT GOD BEING THE CHIEF ARCHITECT" #relatiinships #marriage #prenup #husband #wife