Defeating the Snare Called ‘Bitterness’

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

On Monday evening, I was having a chat with my children at the dinner table about our Prophet Johns Enumah’s sermon on 'Bitterness'. Conversations such as this are important as it brings to light the fact that none of us is immune from this snare of the enemy called ‘Bitterness’. From the youngest to the oldest, each of them had experienced something that could result in Bitterness.

Anyone can fall victim of this snare and the resultant effects of it are destructive. It could start from a simple offence that we refuse to let go of which then festers and opens the gateways for the enemy to have a field day in our lives. Thus beginning a rampage of killing, stealing and destroying our joy and blessings.

Our Prophet clearly enunciated the effects of Bitterness in our lives. He explained that Bitterness is a bondage that only forgiveness can bring you out of. No anointing or laying-on of hands can get you out of the snare of bitterness if you don’t forgive.

Once you let go of bitterness, you get promoted. For every one person you forgive you advance. Whereas, if you are unable to let go of bitterness, your gifts are kept down and you are deprived of your blessings.

Bitterness also has the effect of stealing your joy and changing your personality. It steals your hour of glory because being in the state of bitterness keeps you blinded to the whims of the enemy.

Bitterness keeps you in chains. This is exactly what happened to King Saul. He was bitter about David and as a result became enchained by the devil - 1 Samuel 16:14

So how then do we avoid Bitterness? Prophet explained 4 simple principles that if we could put into practice would help us avoid Bitterness.

In having conversation with my children, I realised that they had in fact unknowingly put into practice one or two of these simple principles resulting in the profound effect of them avoiding bitterness.

They are as follows:

1. Learn to forgive in advance. Forgiveness is the most important thing to practice when dealing with or trying to avoid bitterness. Prophet pointed out that he constantly forgives in advance and encouraged us to do the same. This way, you don’t take things to heart if and when people offend you.

2. Remember the good in people. This too is another powerful tool. Focus on the good in people. A person who has offended you may at some point in their life have done something good for you. Keep your mind on the good done rather than on the offence.

3. Do not commit yourself to anyone as usually your greatest betrayer are those closest to you In John 2:24-25 it can be seen that even our Lord Jesus was careful about this.

4. See all as children. Understand that some people are naïve and are not aware of the consequences of their actions. Psalm 115:2-8 shows clearly the naivety of man. If you consider that some have no knowledge of what they do, it will be easier for you to forgive let, go and not take offence to heart.

If we resist the devil, he will indeed flee from us - James 4:7. Let us put into practice this simple but powerful teaching that our Prophet has taught us and beat the devil at his game of stealing from us.

Let us walk in the freedom that Christ died for us to enjoy!

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