Grace and Favour: All in the ‘Process’

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Last night, as I started trying to write this week’s blog on Prophet John Enumah’s Sunday teaching, words failed me. I had ‘listened’ intently during the service as our Prophet kept emphasising that we ‘listen’ and not just ‘hear’. I had listened, I had taken copious notes from prophets teaching as I usually do; but words still failed me as I tried to compress prophets in-depth teaching into a short blog, a taster of what was taught. I put my pen down and I asked God – ‘God please give me grace to write this week’s blog’. A lot of the time we fail to understand that everything we do, we do by God’s grace.

And grace came.

Grace can be defined as a ‘smoothness and elegance of movement’. Things go supernaturally smoothly with grace. It makes a difficult job look effortless.

Prophet explained that grace gives you access into the supernatural even when you have not fasted. Grace brings undeserved and unqualified access. He stated that when a man enjoys grace, favour is not far off.

During the week Prophet had taught on the scripture which states that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ – Romans 8: 31-39. This however does not mean that we would not go through the ‘process that comes in between Gods promises and performance (see last week’s teaching on the 3 P’s teaching). V39 - ‘neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord’

Prophet made it clear that the fact that we have given our lives to Jesus Christ does not mean that that we would not suffer persecution. On the contrary. This is when the real testing and persecution starts. When God told asked Satan - ‘Have you considered my servant Job’ (Job 1:8) this signified the beginning of a period of testing, a period of processing for Job. A lot of us are being ‘considered’. This is the period when a lot of believers back slide. As Prophet said, the church doesn’t want to be processed yet wants to be well seasoned. He explained that Gods grace takes us through the period of processing and as we leave the place of processing, favour becomes our garment; with favour comes honour.

This period of processing is a period when our vulnerability is exposed through our own eyes. No great man is used by God without God first processing him. Have you allowed God to break you and mould you before using you?

Last week I ended the blog with Prophets profound words, ‘GRACE MADE DAVID KING’. Those words stuck in my mind all week and thankfully the depth in which he taught on grace on Sunday brought even more light to those words. He used the story of David to explain the importance of Grace and Favour as God takes us through the processing period following our salvation. We often want a quick fix in life. We fail to understand that the intensity of our processing determines the quality of our future just as the intensity of the fire determines the quality of the gold. David wrote his sweetest Psalms when he was going through the toughest time of his life.

In the Book of 1 Samuel 17 we read the story of the battle between the Israelites and the Philistines. Prophet explained that Goliath represents road blocks in life that stop us from fulfilling our destiny. He represents stagnancy and fear. Goliath represents the glory destroyer. Goliath represents the people that make you see all that is wrong about yourself.

Throughout the battle, Goliath instilled fear in the Israelites. Little did Goliath know that grace was looking for a man to use to fight the enemy. Grace looks where nobody thinks to look. God had processed David for this moment. David had gone through his process in the bushes as he tended his father’s sheep. David learnt how to pick the right stone to use with his sling to defend his sheep. From his period of processing he had learnt to pick the right stone that killed Goliath.

Grace fought for David. Grace changed the strategy used for war when David used his sling. Grace uses what people don’t understand.

David had his stone and sling. What is your stone and sling? What is that thing you have, that skill, talent or knowledge that others like Goliath may find hilarious but God’s grace can use as a strategic war weapon?

Don’t look down on your weapon. Don’t stop tending your sheep in the bushes the moment you have one victory. David did not stop what he was doing after he killed Goliath, yet grace continued to find him. Even Saul failed to understand this as envy set in after David’s victory (1 Samuel 18:9)

David was a man of grace, a man after Gods heart.

Go through the process in the bush like David did. Keep tending your sheep, preparing your sling and smoothening your stone…

.. and eventually, as the prophet said, GRACE WILL MAKE FAVOUR FIND YOU.

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