I Shall Not Be Consumed By ‘Self’

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Last night was another phenomenal teaching by our Prophet John Enumah. So phenomenal that it got me thinking this morning that a lot of people very easily go around with Gold in their bags or on their bedside tables but yet lives of abject poverty. I say this because sometimes people fail to apply or do not allow themselves to be affected by the words of wisdom that they have written down during a teaching such as this. They walk around with the answers to their bondage in their bags; they carry around possible encounters with God in the form of the words written down but are never applied and activated in their lives.

The magnitude of the power in Prophets teaching tends to hit me profoundly the day after when I go back to my notes. My encounters happen when I wake up the next morning and think over the words and go through my notes, The Spirit of God hits me with a revelation specifically for me!

This really is a call to as many as can, to attend the Bible Study the Prophet runs every other Thursday. And for those who do attend, go back to through your notes and let the Lord God speak to you in the quietness of your heart on how you need to apply any part of the teaching to your life.

I will attempt to summarise the Prophets words. Bear in mind that this does not cover everything that was taught on the night. Prophet taught on not being consumed by ‘self’. The Bible passage was taken from 2nd Timothy: 3.

Its interesting to note that we self-sabotage. We are our worst enemies. We, more than anything or anyone else, stop ourselves from walking in Gods perfect will for us.

We self-destruct in 3 main way:

  1. By deceiving others

  2. By being deceived by others

  3. By deceiving ourselves

Of all 3, the worst of these deceptions is when we deceive ourselves.

We may be able to deceive ourselves and others, but we can’t deceive God – Isaiah 44:24-25

When you deceive yourself, you end up in a place where no one can help you. God designed everyone for a reason, but most people tend to blame others when they move away from Gods perfect will. We need to take responsibility. For change to come in your life, you need to be delivered from yourself. After God has delivered you, get filled with the Word of God. If you leave yourself empty, you stand the risk of being invaded and filled with more evil than you were delivered from. Allow God to empty you and fill you up.

Kill self and put yourself in a position to be changed by God.

To put yourself in this position, you need to:

  • Come into His presence

  • In His presence, God will reveal Himself to you

  • God will then go on to expose your dark spots to you in the place of prophetic counselling, pastoral counselling, pastoral warnings and messages from His altar

To start the process of killing self:

  • Be real to yourself and accept that you have a problem that needs fixing

  • Get yourself to a place where you can say ‘enough is enough!’ and desire change

  • Open yourself up to accountability

  • Detox yourself of the black-spots God revealed to you in His presence and seek help.

Take away self and you will enjoy God!

Be strong and courageous, fight the good fight of faith!

Fight against the resistance of your faith!


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