Jonah Get Off My Boat!!

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Last week, our Prophet John started the first part of a series of teachings on the church and its inner demons. The second part was meant to continue this week, but you can never guess what to expect with The Holy Spirit of God in control!

This Sunday was another power packed service filled with surprises from the Holy Spirit. When God surprises you with a major mission, be ready to take it up in full obedience so you don’t become a Jonah.

Jonah was a minor prophet with a major mission. You can read the full story of Jonah in the Book of Jonah in the Bible.

In Jonah 1:1-3, God sent Jonah on a mission to preach to the people of Nineveh to turn from their wickedness. ‘But Jonah ran away from the Lord’ and tried to flee on a boat. How one can even imagine that it is possible to run from God is what I would consider a big joke! The boat Jonah ran away onto encountered a great storm – Gods judgement. As the boat threatened to sink, the people on the boat threw Jonah overboard and then there was peace.

Prophet explained that Jonah’s name meant ‘Dove’. The dove is a symbol of peace. However, Jonah lost all his peace when he ran from the mission God gave him.

Nobody wants a Jonah on their boat. As prophet John said, “tell every Jonah to get off your boat”!

If you are the Jonah on your own boat, it’s time to repent and walk in obedience to what God has asked you to do.

There are several ways you can encounter a Jonah. Just as Jonah being on the boat caused unrest on the boat, ungodly counsel from friends can bring you down. Psalm 1:1 says blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly. This means that if you are wise in choosing whose Godly counsel you listen to, you will be blessed. For every Jonah you have in your life, you suffer the judgement that comes with it – just as the men on the boat almost perished for having Jonah on their boat.

Prophet gave us 3 categories of people we come across in life:

1. Those we must meet to change our destinies

2. Those we meet for a season with whom eventually their time in our life expires

3. The Jonah’s whom you must never meet as they can destroy your life. These can take the form of ungodly relationships that you must get off your boat

The wrong people can take you away from the presence of God and cause your boat to sink. Your boat could be your marriage, your ministry, your work, anything that God has purposed for you to do or be. Jonah had left Gods presence when he ran away. So even though his name signified peace, he had no peace.

Right now, it’s time to get your peace back. Get peace back into your family. Get peace back into your work. Get peace back on your boat. It is time to say:


The Church and its Inner Demons Series continues next week!

Come and fellowship with us and enjoy Gods impartation through Prophet John Enumah.

Watch full message here:

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