Lord Give Me Your DNA!

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Whose DNA do you have? The DNA of your earthly father or the DNA of God?

On Sunday, Prophet John taught on this significant subject, a subject which should get us all thinking about what we are willing to accept as our DNA. In John 10:30 Jesus said, ‘I and my Father are one’ - Who are you ‘one’ with?

Prophet defined DNA to be an automatic injection of what the man before you carried. It is defined as the particular function of every cell with its characteristics being passed from parent to children. It therefore means that if there is something negative your earthly father does that you don’t break, this trait can fight you for the simple reason that it is already in your DNA. Remember that there is no covenant without blood. Through your bloodline, you are already in covenant with that DNA.

A good example of this can be seen in the story of Jabez – 1 Chronicles 4:9-10. Jabez’s mother passed sorrow from her DNA to his. However, Jabez got to a stage in his life when he refused to accept this DNA. He fought this DNA by crying out to God and God changed his DNA.

Prophet explained that you have to go through a painful process to disconnect from something you don’t like. Whoever fathers you becomes your backbone. Jabez refused to have his mother’s sorrow as his backbone. The strength of your spine determines how strong you stand. Whatever is behind you determines how far you go in life. So, the question is, what or who is your backbone? Have you made God your backbone forsaking all others?

Prophet went on to break down the acronym DNA to mean:

D – Data

N – Nature

A – Action

DATA – Data is defined as facts and statistics for reference and analysis. What data do you choose to accept as your data? Whose report do you accept and believe as yours? That of the world r that of God?

NATURE – Nature is the basic or inherent feature or character of something. Have you taken on the character of God or have you chosen to remain with the negative character traits passed down in your DNA?

ACTION – Power without action is drama. What active steps have you taken to change your DNA and turn your life around?

John 1 :1 says ‘In the beginning was the Word’. The DNA of creation was through Gods Word. Are you applying Gods word to change your DNA?

As prophet said, ‘there is a mandate on your existence to make every day a great date’ so today cry out to God - LORD GIVE ME YOUR DNA!

Come and fellowship with us and enjoy Gods impartation through Prophet John Enumah.

Church services are held every Sunday at 4pm and Bible Study every other Thursday at 6pm

For this Sunday only, we will meet @

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