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Updated: Jan 23, 2020

It was an awesome time again in God’s presence last Sunday, even more so as we learnt in great depth from Prophet John about the Spirit of God.

The prophet gave a very good analogy of the meaning of Spirit using a pen as a visual aid. He demonstrated that if you took the inside of the pen out, the outer casing was of no use. The inner part of the pen however could still be used to write, even without the case. The same goes for us. Your physical body is the shell of your spirit. However, your body cannot function without the spirit. Your spirit, though your non-physical part, is the real you. This is why it’s very important that we engage the things of the spirit to be able to live physically. If your spirit man is sick, you cannot possibly be physically healthy.

Prophet explained that the word SPIRIT is made up of 2 words. SPIR and IT. ‘Spir’ is the prefix of a word which in Latin means to breathe or pour into. For something to be poured into another, there must be the giver and a receiver. With this explanation, SPIR-IT would therefore mean to pour into it!

This foundational explanation helped us understand the workings of The Spirit of God better. It explains why we need the Spirit of God to be poured into us for us to conceive Gods plans. A good example of this in the physical is that when the man pours into the woman, she conceives a child.

Another result of receiving the Spirit of God is that you become the living word of God and every word of God is pure - Proverbs 30:5.

The presence of the Spirit of God in you makes you do unbelievable things. Joseph was a Jew and a prisoner in the Kings prison, yet he sat on the throne of Egypt. Record breakers are championed by the Spirit of God.

When God pours His Spirit in you, it’s important that you fulfil the purpose for which you were given the outpouring for; otherwise the consequences could be disastrous. For instance, Sampson was anointed by God to destroy the Philistines. Sampson failed in this mission which resulted in Goliath arising years later to attack the children of Israel. What you don't deal with comes back to haunt your descendants.

Despite Sampson’s failure in his mission, an outpouring of the Spirit of God on him caused the unbelievable to happen. When Sampson was bound and handed over to the Philistines (Judges 15:1- 15) and the Spirit of God came upon him, the ropes that were used to hold him captive melted away like flax.

The devils mode of attack is usually to take you away from your place of Praise. Judah means praise and the devils plan was to take Sampson away from his place of praise. The devil tries to take you away from Gods presence. The secret to remaining in God’s presence is to be filled with His Spirit.

The devil will try to destroy the fire of your prayer but with faith you can change your fate.

When Gods spirit is poured into you, you become hot; too hot for the enemy to handle.

We must therefore deeply yearn for Gods spirit to be poured into us. As prophet said, with Gods Spirit in us, we can do the unbelievable!

This week let your prayer be:


Come and fellowship with us and enjoy Gods impartation through Prophet John Enumah.

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