Who Am I Called To Be?

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Who am I called to be? And if I have been called, what have I been sent to do in Gods kingdom?

Have I been specially chosen? Am I one of the elect?

These some questions our Prophet John Enumah brought to mind as he taught during the Bible study yesterday evening on THE CALL, ORDER & MANIFESTATION.

We never really stop to ask ourselves these questions. In answering these questions, Prophet brought up an issue that I have for a long time felt a strong desire to do some research on – the issue of ‘identity’.

Before we discuss ‘identity’, what do you understand a ‘call’ to be? Prophet gave the definition of a ‘call’ to mean ‘a cry made as a summons or to attract someone’s attention’. This therefore means that being ‘called’ does not mean that you have necessarily been ‘sent’ to do something. It simply means that God is trying to catch your attention. What happens after He catches your attention will determine if you are being sent, chosen or elected.

I can’t in this blog go into too much depth of what Prophet taught last night but I would like to focus on ‘the call’; because if I don’t fully understand the cry out of God to catch my attention, I can’t move from that point to anything else.

If God called out to you to get your attention, what would stop you from responding? The simple answer is that if you don’t first of all recognise that your name is being called, you are not likely to respond. For instance, my name is ‘Emma’. If I was walking down the street and someone shouts out ‘Ruth’! ‘Ruth!’ no matter how loudly that person shouts out, the chances of me batting an eyelid are very slim let alone me turning to respond to that call. Why? Because I don’t know ‘Ruth’ to be my name.

Last night, I left with the revelation that If I don’t know my name, I wouldn’t even know if God was calling me to get my attention. I would therefore need an encounter for God to get my attention and in this place, He will reveal my identity to me. If i don’t know who I am, I won’t understand the reason behind His call. My ignorance of my identity is what stands between me hearing and responding when God calls out to me to catch my attention. My ignorance of my identity is what would stop me from doing what I have been put on earth to do. As prophet said, a lot of us are doing what we were raised to do not what we were born to be. The reverse should be the case. We should all be doing what we were born to do.

This weekend, let us ask God to reveal to us what Prophet explained to be our ‘Biblical identities’. Ask God, ‘what is my Biblical identity? ‘Who am I really? Am I a David, a Ruth, a Mary, a Moses? It is important that we know because as prophet explained, our biblical identities are linked to what God has called us to do.

Let us prayerfully seek out our identities so that when God ‘calls’ us we can answer and say:


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